The water divisor between three huge river basins and the setting for an  impressive meeting of three important biomes, Mato Grosso at the Savannah boasts  crystaline water that feeds, to the North, the Amazon Rain Forest; and to the South, the  Pantanal Wetland - an ecological sanctuary.




Places visited

Pantanal, Amazon
Savannah 03 Biomes

 18 Days
 17 Nights


  Pantanal Remote I e II Dynamic High/Low,
  Jaguar Seeking Meeting of Water Park,
  Alta Floresta Cristalino Park,
  Chapada Guimarães, Nobres.

Day 01                                              Cuiabá/ Nobres

Pick-up at the Cuiabá CGB airport/hotel and immediate transfer to the village of Bom Jardim, at 150 km away passing by beautiful rock formations, by the river Manso, with it dam, and by the large Cuiabá river, near to its beginning. Visit to the Macaws’ lake, a water spring surrounded by many palm trees where they roost since the sunset.

Day 02                                  Nobres/ Chapada dos Guimarães

Departure to do Snorkeling in a water spring, so clear and with a blue color together with the colorful fishes; then, on the Salobra river, in an extension of 400m, where is observed rich aquatic fauna & flora. Transfer to the Chapada Tableland - at 900m of altitude - where is observed a gorgeous sunset into a large panorama that includes the water spring of three very important rivers that form the Pantanal. Then, on to the pleasant town of Chapada dos Guimarães for dinner and overnight.

Day 03                    Chapada dos Guimarães/ Cuiabá/ AltaFloresta/ Cristalino

Brief visits to the National Park, with bath in waterfalls and visit to the largest one - Véu de Noiva with it 86 m entering a majestic canyon. Arrival to the Cuiabá airport and immediate connection to a regional flight to the town of Alta Floresta, arriving there after 1:30h. Reception at the airport and, after a welcoming drink at the urban hotel, transfer by jeeps and boats to the Cristalino park. Arrival, accommodation and dinner. A slide-show is presented as an introduction to the Amazonian environment. Opportunity to browse the library.

Day 04                                                   Cristalino

In the morning, hike towards the 50 meter Canopy Tower where you will be able to see the forest from above the canopy. Monkeys, macaws and several species of birds can be found here. Then, walk the Ficus Trail, where a giant Ficus Tree is found. In the afternoon, walk the Taboca Trail in an area with seasonally flooded forest, where many monkeys can be found.

Day 05                                               Cristalino

Walk to the Tree House – a 6 m high hide overlooking a natural clay lick that is regularly visited by Tapirs, Peccaries and Deers. Motor boat ride up river to hike the 'Sierra' Trail, a great view of the private reserve and the Cristalino Park including a marvelous sunset. Return to lodge by motorboat turned off observing nocturnal birds and animals by river.

Day 06                 Cristalino/ Alta Floresta/ Cuiabá/ Pantanal Dynamic Low

Light hike in the Tapiri Trail, where the White-whiskered Spider-Monkey ('Atelis marginatus'), symbol of Cristalino State Park, can be seen. Transfer to Alta Floresta for lunch and transfer to the airport for the flight to Cuiabá. Reception at the airport and immediate transfer to the traditional town of Poconé with introduction to the geological formation and flora characteristics, then to the lodge, arriving there after a brief safari along the Transpantaneira park-road with many stops to observe its rich fauna. Dinner and night safari – a night-time drive using a vehicle equipped with a flashlight for highlighting nocturnal fauna, with the chance to observe Crab-eating Foxes, Ocelots, and many Caiman’s eyes!

Day 07                                         Pantanal Dynamic Low

In the morning is a walking through one of the many mound-hills, which attracts a lot of mammals among many birds nests. In the afternoon is a departure through the fields and forests until a beautiful lake, where is done a boat trip, with the possibility of seeing many birds nesting sites, reptiles and mammals, from the top of the panoramic tower, especially nice at the sunset. Return at the dusk, in a chance to see some night behaved animals, such as Armadillos, Foxes and the many Caiman eyes!

Day 08                                Pantanal Dynamic Low/ Jaguar seeking

In the morning is a horse riding through the flooding fields. The horse is the most versatile means of transportation, allowing both the crossing of the flood plain and access to the distant forests. The ‘Pantaneiro’ horse is extremely docile. Other animals are so used to it that they don’t perceive the rider on the horse. Return for lunch and departure for a terrestrial safari along the Transpantaneira until another lodge at the Campo or Porto Jofre, arriving there at the end of the afternoon/ beginning of evening after a long safari along the Transpantaneira park-road with many stops to observe its rich fauna. Dinner and overnight.

Day 09 & 10                                        Jaguar seeking

Departure - after a 36 km terrestrial safari from Campo to Porto Jofre - by boats equipped with radio-communication for navigating the rivers Cuiabá, São Lourenço, Three Brothers and Piquiri, seeking for Jaguars, hunting Caiman or simply resting on the banks. On the journey can be observed many other species of the rich fauna as the Giant-river Otters, Tapirs among hundreds of birds including the Black-skimmer. During these days, expeditions would be done in varied times of the day (some tours in the early morning or late night) on a way to maximize the chance to see the largest cat in Americas.

Day 11                                 Jaguar seeking/ Pantanal Dynamic High

In the morning is a transfer (by boat if at Piquiri) and departure for a terrestrial safari along the Transpantaneira until another lodge. After various stops to observe rich fauna, arrival at the end of the afternoon. Dinner and overnight

Day 12                                        Pantanal Dynamic High

In the morning is a silent boat trip through a small river, with variation of environments and the possibility of seeing many flocks of birds – including the rare Agami or Boat-billed Herons-, reptiles and mammals such as the Giant-otter - the 'wolves of the rivers'. In the afternoon is a horse-back riding through the savannah and dense forests, where rare species of animals – such as Tapirs - can be seen. Dinner and a night safari, in a different environment, with large possibility of seen Anteaters, Ocelots and, with luck, even a Jaguar!

Day 13                                   Pantanal Dynamic High/ Remote

After a comfortable introduction to the Pantanal, is taken - at the climax of the dry season - an off-the-beaten-track through isolated ranches in direction South West - the deepest land slope in the region, or all way around through Poconé. Arrival to the lodge, with the possibility of having a horse riding or a tractor on part of the journey, according to the climate conditions. Dinner and overnight.

Day 14                                            Pantanal Remote

A rowing boat trip is taken until the 'end' of the river, on a lake surrounded by palm trees which are the habitat of the Hyacinth Macaws. Walking in the afternoon through a dense forest where many primates as well as rare birds can be seen.

Day 15                                       Pantanal Remote I/ Remote II

The lowest land slope - with two different river valleys - is crossed on this day. Immense areas with almost no one human been is the scenario for many rare animals, including the Manned-wolf. The river Bento Gomes is crossed by canoes or by horses, if at the climax of the dry season, and a 'condominium' - a way of living in community of the traditional Pantanal is visited.

Day 16                                             Pantanal Remote

Early sunrise walk to hear the sounds of nature as it awakes, in a hiking through one of the mound-hills where there is the Orchid Trail. In the afternoon, a boat trip along the untouched Paraguayzinho river, never navigated by a motor boat. During the silent trip, many surprises like the Giant Otter among hundreds of birds can be seen.

Day 17                                            Pantanal Remote

Waking up on the darkness, there is a departure to visit one of the largest nesting sites in the whole Pantanal area. Breakfast is served in front of a lake plenty of Caimans. Return for lunch and, at the afternoon, a visit to an observation tower at a hill, totaling 80 m of the ground, with a great view of the largest Wetland in the World.

Day 18                                      Pantanal Remote/ Cuiabá

After admiring the last sunrise on the Remote Pantanal, the off-road is taken until Poconé, and, then to Cuiabá airport for embarking at the convenient time.

2013 Prices Net per person in USD - American Dollar - INCLUDE:

Accommodation 17N

- Nobres: 01N Bom Jardim > Bom Garden;
- Chapada dos Guimarães: 01N_Rios > Turismo, Penhasco, Parque, Solar Inglês;
- Amazon South: 03N_Cristalino Standard bedrooms > Superior, Private, Special bungalows;
- Pantanal Dynamic low: 02N_Piuval > Pouso Alegre;
- Dynamic high: 02N_Rio Claro > Mato Grosso Pantanal;
- Jaguar seeking: 03N_Porto Jofre Camp > Porto Jofre hotel, Piquiri;
- Remote: 03N_Carandá + 02N_São Cristóvão.


- 50 (Fifty) 17 Breakfasts + 16 Lunches + 17 Dinners


-Nobres_Snorkeling & visits to water springs;
-Chapada_Bath in waterfalls, visits to panoramic views;
-Amazon_Walking and boat trips;
-Pantanal_Walking, boat and canoe trips, horse riding, night & terrestrial safaris.


- Assistance of a Portuguese/ English speaking naturalist guide with good knowledge of the Savannah, Amazon and Pantanal nature equipped with binoculars, books and check-lists.


- 03 pax = Sedan car; < 12 pax = Van; < 22 pax = Volare.Some journeys/ seasons also demand a 4WD or tractors, jeeps, horse or canoe.


GROUP SIZE_Maximum 08 pax per tour guide.
_The tour Dynamic Pantanal suggested is the Low at Wet Season and High at Dry Season, or both combined for a wider view of the region and most varied species of wildlife.
_The Remote Pantanal is done by land only on the climax of the dry season (Jul/Dec). At other seasons, it would need the use of horses, jeeps, tractors or charter flights to reach it and have the opportunity of observing rare animals.
_02 night added to the Remote Pantanal would give, in the climax of the dry season (03 months/ year), the opportunity of crossing two river valleys (Paraguayzinho and Bento Gomes), on taken an off-the-beaten-track through isolated areas only accessed by a 4WD – what guarantees an unique wildlife seen and to live the harmony man-nature.


-At the Savannah, for relaxing or comprehending the geological formation of the continent is suggested extension to Jaciara (rafting, hot springs and cave paintings).
-An extra night in Chapada would allow the full-day visit to the National Park with walks through six waterfalls (Pulo, Andorinha, Degrau, 07 Setembro) and a cave (Casa de Pedra) or to the Aroe Jari cave (the biggest in sandstone formation in Brazil) connected to the Blue Lake Cave and Martinha waterfall.
-An extra night in Nobres would allow the visit to the Blue Hill Waterfall and a snorkel at the River Triste (with chances to see the fresh water Sting-ray fish).


- Cristalino Foundation fee of USD 75.00 per person included.

Doesn't include:

- Flight tickets. Insurance. Beverage (except mineral water on transfers), Laundry, Tips or any personal expenses.

Payment Conditions(F.I.T.)

- 30% as guarantee of booking;
- 40% with 30 days in advance;
- 30% with 07 days in advance to the pax arrival.

Cancellation Fee

- 60 days or more before tour starts = No cancellation fee;
- 59 to 30 days before tour starts = 20% cancellation fee;
- 29 to 10 days before tour starts = 50% cancellation fee;
- 09 or less days before tour starts = 100% cancellation fee.

Free Staying

- 01 person for 15 or more paying pax.

Privacy Fee

-TOTAL (Transfers and Tours private)………. = + 30% HS.+15%LS
-PARTIAL (Transfers shared. Tours private) = + 20% HS+10%LS
*Since 06 pax, this Pantanal and Savannah tour is private.
*Less than 08 pax in Amazon, privacy fee is USD 400.00/day/group.

Children Policy(Pantanal & Savannah)

-0-5 year olds = free.
-6-12 = 65% full price. (01 per couple in a DBL)


Each of the destinations/ hotels have different considerations for what is High, or what is Low Seasons.

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Nobres 01N + Chapada 01N + Cristalino 03N + Dynamic Low 02N + Jaguar seeking 03N+ Dynamic High 02N + Remote I 02N + Remote II 03N
Minimum 06 persons
Fixed departures