Mato Grosso

       MATO GROSSO is the third largest state in Brazil, with more than 900,000 km2. Within its area are three distinct biomes: Savannah - or Scrubland, which dominates the whole of the Brazilian Central Plateau and neighboring areas; the 'non-flooded' rain forest, one of the greatest areas of biodiversity in the entire Amazon Basin, in the north of the state; and, in the southwest, the 'Mato-Grossense' Pantanal - an immense sedimentary plain which is part of the Silver Basin - a fascinating ecological sanctuary.


       CUIABÁ is the state capital, founded as a mining town at the beginning of the 18th century. The 'Green City' is located at the geodesic center of South America. Its strategic position at the convergence of the three Biomes (Savannah, Amazon and Pantanal) make it the best starting point for expeditions to any of these fascinating worlds.