...The road is paved  and pretty good her, so we make good time.  Munir proves to be a great story teller who is very knowledgeable about both the history and natural  history of the Pantanal.   It is clear that he loves it...

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Dear Munir, I just wanted to thank you again for my wonderful Santos shirt, i have already worn the shirt a     lot! The holiday was amazing, the jaguars and Piquiri Lodge being the main highlight. I will send a few pictures of the Jaguar's to your email address soon if i can download them on my computer. I look forward to     returning to Brazil hopefully soon to stay in your lodge and maybe if my dad lets me i can buy another Santos shirt on my next trip! Thank you again Munir,                                                             Byrom Mee!

             Dear Munir Richard, Thank you once again for the well-organised a nd fabulous trip in Pantanal. Owing to the long flight back to Sweden, we were rather exhausted upon arrival but have now fully recovered. As promised, we hereby send you 2 pictures of the baby caiman on its mother's back.                                                                                                                Thomas and Monica Palmgren                                                                                                                        Via e.mail on June 12th.

     Excellent guides- in each case they did extras things to make the trip informative and comfortable= excellent The Pantanal and Chapada: I loved the Pantanal, but Chapada was beautiful. The variety of activities was great, if I come back again, I will concentrate on Pantanal
                                                                                                                         Heidi Heidenreich

         "…the guide was an excellent, very friendly and happy to share all his knowledge with us, he took the responsibility he needed to and did it with a smile". " We were very happy with our program, 4 days and 3 nights." " The lodge is very nice, good location, good staff and the food was excellent. Everything was perfect, the horse ride was excellent! "the only thing we regret is that we didn't book a longer tour."                                                                                                                           Karin Andersson

          Hi Munir, I hope my message finds you well. Suha and our client are very pleased with the organization. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation. Suha and I would love to work with you directly. For cooperating we do give high importance to have low rates and prompt reply.                                                                                                                                                                                  Suha Derbent wildlife photographer_Setour Turkey & Amazon Adventures_Jaguar seeking 2013


Hi Munir i was on the steppes trip to brazil the beginning of August and Lindsay - another traveller on the
same trip - said you would be interested in seeing my photos. Here is a link to my flickr site (she might have already sent you this - if she has my apologies) thanks againn for a fantastic time - i have recommended your company to my sister and hopefully she will visit Brazil in the near future Regards ;Linda and Allan Blackett_Steppes Travel_Jaguar & Amazon tour_2013

   Dear Munir We have now arrived safely, if sadly, back in the UK. We miss the beauty and warmth of the Pantanal and all its glorious birds and animals and, of course, your company too. We all just wanted to thank you so very much for all that you did, your enthusiasm and your knowledge, which made our trip to the Northern Pantanal so wonderful, especially that fantastic Thursday which I think must be one of those
days in a lifetime. We were very sad to take our leave of you and just wanted to send our warmest
thanks and our hopes that everything works out well for you in the future. Please thank Julio on our behalf
too as we had a fantastic time in the Chapada, especially with Chris and the waterfalls and we so enjoyed meeting his cat! Our trip to the south was really great too, though sadly still no anteaters though one visited the lodge when we were out riding – typical!! Thank you again for your company, for finally showing us those magnificent jaguars and all the other incredible memories that we have. One of these days I shall get round to sending you a list of the other birds we saw, not on your list, just for your information. In the meantime,
if you should be back in London, do get in touch. With very best wishes and thanks Nicky, James, Jess and Chris
  • Nicky Vyvyan-Robinson

  • PR and Education Manager

  • Animals Asia Foundation UK

    Hi Munir, How are you? Hope all is well in Brazil. We had a fantastic time and wish we were still there of course! I've finally got round to sending you the photo of the Blue-crowned Motmot we saw at Pousada Rio Claro! Hope you like it. If you have any trouble with the file please let me know. All the best, John
                                                                                                                              John Oates

    • Oi Munir, Agradecemos pela oportunidade de opinar em nome de melhorias e pelo esforço de nos receber bem. Guardamos nos nossos corações as coisas boas que vimos e vivemos com a sua equipe. A viagem foi gloriosa e vocês foram os principais contribuintes. Sucesso no seu trabalho e obrigada pelo especial gesto! Abraços,
                                                                                                                          Alice Cheng Lu

    • " We were very well informed by Munir at our hotel, the sights that he promised, was what we saw. The differences between the two lodges. Munir, and both guides, all of them did know a lot and were able to tell us all we wanted to know, john has an excellent eye for finding birds and animals in the most hidden places. The itinerary was very fine, very good to see two different places of them, even in the dry and wet look cause of the heavy shower on the 8th July. Nice to be able to make own choice of what to do."                                                                                                                     Jorgen Itausen

    • "Hi Munir, As discussed I just send you a feedback of our trip with Natureco. We really loved it, and both of our guides were great. Both nice, friendly and furthermore passionate about the region and the nature. A few highlights were:"
      • passeio de barca in Arancua
      • piranha fishing and horse ride in Piuval
      • Snorkeling in Bom Jardim
                                                                                                                          Jorgen Itausen
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