Natureco offers excursions with minimum impact and maximum interaction to the visited environment. By this way, understands that all and any involvement with the social and environmental thematic are nothing more than our obligation – at the end, as any other tourism entrepreneur, we need the maintenance of the cultural aspects to make our experience more memorable; as well as the product we sell demands its conservation. We have already used Theatre as a way of environmental consciousness; already implemented – with a National Award – a most true way of practicing Ecotourism; have already taken many people from sub-jobs, offering them in tourism a new way of a dignity profession; were already responsible for the implement of a camping area (Ronco do Bugio) and of some lodges (Boi Gordo; Barrinha; Nova Esperança; São Cristóvão and Carandá), opening this way a new economic alternative that look for the maintenance of the Pantanal man on his habitat. We allied our name to the fight of assistance workmanship and cultural entities of children and teen ages and, until now, pioneering maintain strong relationships with the local communities which are the destination of our visitors and, also, of our constant training for people working in tourism.
                 We have had the honor of participating together with international organizations on the fight against the project of construction of a water way (Hydrovia) Paraguay-Paraná, as well as against the pavement with asphalt of the Transpantaneira park-road. We conserve the historical heritage in our office and particularly maintain two pieces of land in Pantanal – totalizing 1000 hectares – that shelters the most authentic wildlife of this ecological sanctuary, especially enlarging the corridor of Jaguars neighbor to the Meeting of Water Park, Caracara National Park and Panthera Foundation, as well as many water springs in Chapada dos Guimarães – ‘cradle’ of the water of three river basins. -Oh, yeah, of course!...We also use the reverse side of the paper; just print when necessary; avoid at maximum the use of printed material; maintain a back-garden at home with more than 10 fruit trees that provide food and shelter to many birds near to the centre of the city; reuse the water of the rain and keep antique furniture in our office, and avoid – in our excursions – the use of equipments that could damage the environment (such as motor-boats in fragile water courses on the dry season). We believe that all of what we have done, what we do and what we will do, is still too few among everything we can really do. That’s why we founded, more than 06 years ago the INASTAR – Social-Cultural-Environmental Institute, an NGO with no profits interests that has, as a main objective, the maintenance of culture and spreading the ecotourism as a toy for the environmental conservation.

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