Who we Are

                 We are a crew formed with local born people. All the knowledge we have about our region has been acquired during our own living and experiencing with the environment – natural and cultural – in what we were inserted since ever. We don’t have to be foreigner to better understand what make them happy, as we always keep with our clients a frank and straight contact. Munir Nasr, the director, has a very holistic academic formation, as, even having born in the back of a shopping rack, at the commerce, is graduated in Buildings (half Architect, half Engineering); and, in spite of almost got to be a Forest Engineering, ended up with a diploma of Lawyer. His first job, when he was 16th, was already at an airline company desk, at the Cuiabá airport. Since very early touched by Tourism, along the years have administrated a hotel for two years and worked in some travel agencies until become a Tour-guide in 1990. After having worked to all of the local tour operators, with the wish of install a new and bold way of practicing Ecotourism, took the trail of an entrepreneur, founding Natureco in 1993. At his first year of operation has his work nationally recognized at the Environmental Tourism Senac Award, with his experiences published in a book. When young, He participated on the cultural movement of Cuiabá, having belonged to a directory of a Samba School; and on various Theatre groups, as actor, director assistant, producer, etc. By this way, he understand that Culture is a strong component of ecotourism and had already the honor or directing a Theatre piece talking the history of Saint Francisco, with a strong environment consciousness content – this was on his first year as a Tour-guide. Interested on the improvement of local services in tourism, he had the honor of having trained many of the good tour guides who work in Pantanal: Marcos, for 10 years; Aílton here came for working with sand and cement; Jean was a street seller of pens; Fabiano, Benedito, and many other ones. In our office, everybody speak English and Portuguese. In case of needing other languages, we account with the service of all of the other tour guides who know the Natureco standard of well attending.