1º  What is there in Pantanal to see?

698 species of birds, 120 of mammals, 80 of reptiles, 240 of fishes as well as a large number of invertebrates that have not yet been classified and a diversified flora that mixes the Amazon and Atlantic Rain forest to the Savannah on its varied formations.

2°  Is it difficult to see animals?

Being a flat lowland with open fields, it is much easier to see animals in Pantanal than in any other biome in Brazil. Of course, there are the best times to see them in activity, which is early in the morning or late in the evening but, basically, we have to open our spirit and permit the animals to come, with no hurry or useless expectations.

3º  Where is the best place or time of the year to see animals?

At the Dry Season, the best is to be at the High Pantanal, near by the water courses like a river or creek, where animals go to drink water. Animals prefer small water courses, where they can – more than drink water – find food. At the Wet Season, on the opposite of that, is better to be at the Low Pantanal, on the on the flooded fields with few non flooded ‘islands of vegetation’ which, together with many birds’ nests, is the shelter of mammals during the whole period. Except some migratory species of birds, the majority of animals stay in the Pantanal, so, what is important is to have a guide who knows how to take visitors to the right place at the right time.

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