11º  Is it ‘Remote’ same as ‘distant’?

No. Distant is nothing more than a place which has long distance from the starting point. Remote is a place which is less accessible since the starting point. To make it much simple, what makes the difference is the difficulty to reach the place. For example, Porto Jofre is – among all the other land accessed whole year destination - the most distant place in Pantanal, while the Pantanal of Boqueirão is the most remote, as the terrestrial access is damaged by the mud in the Wet or even by the excess of sand in the Dry season. Even being distant, places can concentrate a lot of people (if not for tourism in one, for fishing in other seasons), something that doesn’t happen to the Remote areas, with very few people, low impact tourism and presence of rare animals.

12º   Is it possible to land in Cuiabá/ Campo Grande/ Corumbá and, since there, organize the tour?
We are a well known and organized tour operator, but we like to have from our clients a little term to better arrange our programs. Normally, if clients leave their decision for the last minute, could not any more account with booking at the best lodges, or with the best tour guides. We recommend a minimum in advance time of four months for the high season and one month for the low season, to avoid misunderstanding and, for us to having more time to know their wishes, indicate an offer that satisfies clients expectations.

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