8°  Is it cheaper to buy tour packages straight with Natureco?

- Not exactly... Natureco works with a wide net of international tour operators who work with us for a long term. These tour operators have the possibility of selling the Brazil Air pass, which is a travel pass through whole Brazil with much lower prices than the ones found by here. This is the great differential of the foreign tour operators, who have conditions of selling our packages at the same price as ours.

9º  What are the Natureco prices?

Prices and discounts vary according to the season, to the number of days and participants, as well as of the choice on the varied options of tours and accommodation. If you full up the form, we would have better condition to offer you what you are looking for.

10º  Who are the Natureco guides?

All of them are professionals with eyes and ears well trained, equipped with observation and instruments, such as books, binoculars, telescopes, check-lists, etc.). They speak English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Arab – among the most common languages-, have a good knowledge of flora and fauna, that’s why are identified as naturalist guides. If there is any specific, we can provide the accompaniment of an ornithologist, biologist, geologist, botanic, etc., according to the clients’ interest.

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