6º  - Is it Natureco expensive?

Natureco is not the most expensive as it is not the cheapest of the tour operators. We just charge the fair price to keep our suppliers well paid – what gives to our clients the feeling of being welcome wherever they go. We have to invest on the equipments for our guidance, for offering a high level of information. We look for not only explore the environment, but to leave there (and to its local inhabitants) a positive contribution and, as all of this costs money, we can’t say that price is our best quality.

7°  Which places in Pantanal are visited?

As a tour operator with excellent relation with all of its suppliers, Natureco has flexibility to offer the lodge according to the clients’ profile and to the season. If at the wet season is better to be on the flooding fields far from the water or if at the Dry Season is better to be near by it, there is where we go! If the visitor prefers remote areas, to avoid the typical crowds of the high season, we have these tour – pioneering created by our company! Anyway, even in our most regular tours, we look for offering a wide view of the region, visiting what we call High Pantanal – where the water courses have a defined way – which is where we make silent boat trips (seeing the Giant-river Otters, Agami heron, many aquatic birds and mammals drinking water) and walk on trails into dense forests; as well as the Low Pantanal – where is predominant the flooding fields, where is done canoe trips on the Wet Season and walks through the mound-hills (islands of vegetation), with lots of mammals congregated together with many birds’ nests.

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