4º  What is the best time to visit Pantanal?

Doesn’t exist the best season, nevertheless, is good to know that October – in spite of being one of the best times to observe little birds and Jaguars - there are more mosquitoes than usually and that, in March/ April is when happens the year’s heaviest rains (but no longer than 02 hours length). Generically, each season in Pantanal has its own characteristics, and all of them are worth to be visited.

5°  South or North Pantanal?

From an authority of someone born in the ‘South’ and living in the ‘North’ for almost his whole life, we tell you that North and South are politic divisions for an only geographic region. Seeing a map of the Pantanal, is noted that – except the Paraguay river that comes from North to South, receiving all the other water - mostly rivers flew from Northeast to Southwest, so, if there is any difference, it would be between East and West, not between North and South. The only difference between North and South are the entrance gates (Cuiabá – CGB, and Campo Grande – CGR) respectively located on the capital of two states (Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul). The Pantanal is far from Cuiabá at 100 km (Poconé, where is the beginning of the Transpantaneira park-road and the remote region of Boqueirão); at 120 km (Barão de Melgaço and its huge bays) or at 240 km (Cáceres and the immense Paraguay river). Since Campo Grande, Pantanal can be accessed by Aquidauana, Miranda or Corumbá (at 250km, 300km or 450 km of distance, via the same road, respectively).

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