PIU_ Piuval
Transpantaneira, km 10 + 03 private access;
20 bedrooms_Ceiling fan & AC; Mini-bar; TV; Swimming pool;
Large flooding fields, Mound-hills, Lake, River, Stream;
Walking, Horse riding, Cayak and Boat trip, Canopy tower.

POU_ Pouso Alegre
Transpantaneira, km 36 + 07 private access
14 bedrooms AC
Large flooding fields, Mound-hills, Dense forests, Stream;
Walking, Horse riding, Boat trip and Tower at neighbor ranch.


RCL_ Rio Claro
Transpantaneira, km 40 + 02 private access;
20 bedrooms_ AC; Swimming pool;
Dense and Gallery forests, Claro river banks;
Walking, Horse riding, Motor and Paddling Boat trips.

MTP_ Mato Grosso Pantanal
Transpantaneira, km 65_hotel. Km 50 + 5 private access_rural activities;
33 bedrooms_AC, Swimming pool with cascade;
Pixaim & Claro river banks
Walking, Horse riding and Motor Boat trip


CAR_ Carandá
Boqueirão road, 45km dirty + 25km off-road;
09 bedrooms_AC;
Huge & isolated area, Hills by Paraguayzinho river;
Walking, Horse riding, Paddling Boat trip.

SCT_ São Cristóvão
Transpantaneira, km 40 + 22 off-road;
08 bedrooms_Ceiling fan;
Large flooding fields on Bento Gomes river banks;
Walking, Horse riding, Paddling Boat trip.


PJC_ Porto Jofre Camp
Transpantaneira, km 145 at Cuiabá river banks;
09 bedrooms wth private facilities, AC, verandah;
Camping area, Restaurant, Parking, Rental houses;
Motor Boats.

JER_ Jaguar Ecological Reserve
Transpantaneira, km 110 + no private access;
12 bedrooms + 04 vip rooms_Ceiling fan;
Little dense forest;
Walking, Terrestrial & Night safaris, Boat trips.

PIQ_ Piquiri
Piquiri river banks (Porto Jofre + 1h boat);
05 bedrooms_AC;
Beautiful dense forest with varied fauna;
Walking, Boat trips. Inside Meeting Waters Park.

PJF_ Porto Jofre Hotel
Transpantaneira, km 145 at Cuiabá river banks;
28 bedrooms_AC, Mini-bar, TV, Swimming pool, Internet;
Roads' end, air strip for small sized aircrafts;
Little walking, Boat trips.



MUT_ Mutum
Mimoso region - 128km (26km unpaved) from Cuiabá;
22 bedrooms + 05 chalets connected rooms_AC, Verandah, Swimming pool;
Mutum river banks - Cuiaba river tributary;
Motor Boats, Horse riding, Community and Rural visits.


ICA_ Ilha do Caracará
Cuiabá river (Porto Jofre + 1h boat);
20 elegant bedrooms_AC, Mini-bar, Verandah and Garden. 800m air strip;
Half-way Meeting of Waters/ Pantanal National Parks;
Motor Boats, Walks, Community visits, Jaguar seeking.


ARA_ Araras
Transpantaneira, km 30 + 100m private access;
22 bedrooms_AC, Verandah;
Savannah and Gallery forests, River;
Cayak, Paddling Boat trips, Walks, Horse riding, Canopy Towers.



Town, near by bus station;
08 bedrooms_AC, Mini-bar, TV;
Simple breakfast, Large rooms.

Town, between bus station and centre;
30 bedrooms_AC, Swimming pool;
Large breakfast, Efficient service.

PEN_ Penhasco
2,5 km from the centre, on the cliffs;
50 bedrooms_AC, Swimming (and thermal) pools, Sauna, Verandah;
Large breakfast, Panoramic views;
Mini-resort for conventions and families.

SOL_ Solar do Inglês
800m from the centre;
08 bedrooms_AC, Swimming pool, Garden;
Town's oldest building;
Charming atmosphere.


BJD_ Bom Jardim
Bom jardim village;
12 bedrooms_AC;
Breakfast together with Bom Garden.

BGD_ Bom Garden
Bom jardim village;
10 bedrooms_AC;
Breakfast together with Bom Jardim.




FAH_ Floresta Amazônica Hotel
46 bedrooms_Private facilities, A/C, TV, Mini-bar, Phone;
VIP, Deluxe and Suites with private verandah;
50 hectares of protected rain forest and tropical garden;
Nest of the Harpy Eagle.


CJL_ Cristalino Jungle Logde
SPE_ Special Bungalows
This accommodation is similar to the Private Bungalow, however it has an additional outside bathtub, with hot and cold water, in a private garden setting-ideal for relaxing at the end of the day. Additional amenities from L’Occitane complement this room to ensure an exceptional stay. *Queen Beds under request when booking.

PRI_ Private Bungalows
The Private Bungalows have two comfortable beds, an ante-room with two sofa beds, spacious bathroom, ceiling fan, wide windows with an extensive view of the outdoors, natural ventilation system, veranda with chairs & hammock and an outside shower in a private garden. Each room is assembled in one exclusive bungalow, allowing for greater privacy. These bungalows can comfortably accommodate from one to four persons (two adults and two teenagers). *Queen Beds under request when booking.

SUP_ Superior Bungalows
These accommodations offer two comfortable beds, spacious bathroom, lighted writing desk, private outside shower, ceiling fan, wide windows with an extensive view of the outdoors, natural ventilation system and a small veranda with a hammock. These apartments were conceived with the intent of having two apartments per structure. These accommodations can comfortably accommodate from one to two persons. *Queen Beds under request when booking.

STD_ Standard Rooms
These accommodations offer a simple and regional décor with two or three beds, ceiling fan, private bathroom and natural ventilation system. These rooms were conceived with the intent of having four apartments per structure. They can accommodate up to three persons.


CUR_ Currupira d'Araras
130km from Cuiabá - its nearest Amazon portion;
Dense protected Forest;
Connected to the Ecological Station;
Nests of the Harpy-Eagle.


AMG_ Amazon Garden
300km from Cuiabá, on the Amazon/ Silver basins water divisor;
Only protected forest area in the middle of agriculture land;
07 bedrooms_Private facilities, Ceiling fan and AC;
Rare birds, fish breeding and a mineral water spring and pool.



CAS_ Cascata
02 blocks from the main garden at historical centre;
09 bedrooms with private facilities, A/C;
Familiar attendance;


PON_ Paço da Onça
120 km dirty road from Vila Bela (+500km>Cuiabá);
07 chalets_Private facilities, AC, Mini-bar, TV, Wireless;
Guaporé and Verde valley rivers;
Just neighbor to the Noel Kempf Mercado Park.

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