The Pantanal is worth visiting at any time of the year because every season has its attractions. The ideal would be if each traveler could visit during at least two of its dynamic cycles, to have a wider view of this ecological sanctuary – as if they were two different Worlds! It is not correct to say 'Rainy' Season in Pantanal. It would be more correct to say 'Wet' Season! With an area of 230.000km2 of regularly flooded area, the Pantanal Wetland receives the water runoff from rain that falls on an area seven times bigger, and this causes its flooding, but it doesn't mean that – as occurs in the Amazon Rain Forest during the rainy season – in Pantanal it rains every day during this season. In truth, a rain shower is very pleasant, as the water – and the days – are warm, and the happiness you experience in nature after rain is spectacular! Far from any industrial pollution, the water of the rain is pure and permits a unique experience of relaxation and interaction with the nature.

Anyway, we can divide the year in the Pantanal into four dynamic cycles-